Jack Wolfskin Green Week 2022

Actively assuming social responsibility is part of the way we see ourselves and our corporate culture. We firmly believe that fairness, environmental awareness and social responsibility are not at odds with our corporate success.

Forest reserve

Plot 2c92480c
Date 10/20/2022
Region Nohn
Area 33,112 Squaremeters


50.31885, 6.80194


Wohllebens Waldakademie

Growing wilderness

Nature is always in motion, never static, an ongoing process. That's what makes it so exciting just to watch the oaks, beeches and many other tree species. Who will prevail in the eternal competition for light? In the area protected by Jack Wolfskin, the trees have an age of about 120 years and are thus in a phase of life that is particularly dynamic. Which tree character will have grown into a mighty giant in 50 years and which will have to be content with a place in the second row for the rest of its life?