UrwaldProjekt – Die jungen Wilden Quadratmeter

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The young savages (Jungen Wilden)

This 35.7-acre site is part of a contiguous 40-acre protected area. With your support, around 120-year-old oaks can be safely protected for the next 50 years. In this way, you are making an important contribution to the protection of native ecosystems and the climate. 

What you get from us

  • Your protected area in Germany - you can visit it at any time
  • Individual certificate with exact coordinates
  • Individual forest rescue page with interactive map
  • Free guided tour with two persons through the protected area from 95 m² upwards

The primeval forest project subscription

In addition to the one-time support, you can choose to support the UrwaldProjekt weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. The total area you protect will then increase regularly by the corresponding number of square meters. You can cancel your subscription at any time in your profile.

Forest protection as a sustainable gift

In the order process, you have the option to personalize the certificate and thus give forest as a gift.

We answer further questions about the project in our detailed FAQ.

Gemeinde Nohn
40 Hektar
Ca. 120 Jahre
Hainbuchen, Buchen, Eichen